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The film festival awards

Winner   Roma Short Film Festival (Rome Italy)
Winner   Swedish International Film Fes:val (Sweden)
Winner   Bright International Film Festival (London)
Winner   The Los Angeles Comedy Festival
                   (Will be opening the festival)
Winner   WSXA Amsterdam International Awards (Amsterdam)
Winner   Beyond the Curve (Paris Frances)
Winner   LA Web Fest
Winner   Sea of Art (Norway)
Winner   Night of Comedy Shorts (Italy)

On All Fours

On All Fours is a half-hour edgy comedy that takes a look at the
over-the-top relationship between people and their dogs and

Inspired by the best-selling books DOGTOLOGY & CATAKISM, we
take a religious look at the insane lengths we go to as we
practically worship our beloved pets.


Our Approach...

Every episode is split into two parts, one about our relationship with dogs and one about our relationship with cats. Each has a narrator (quirky, dry humor) that pokes fun at the dogma (no pun intended) of both books, and that each episode reflects a lesson, errr tail, (see how I did that), or known the truth about our obsession with dogs and cats.

Jon Lovitz

K86RG4 Suzanne Delaurentiis. 2015 Elton John Viewing Party

Suzanne DeLauren

Raised in southern New Jersey, Suzanne DeLaurentiis was a singer, dancer, and actress from an early age. She worked on and off Broadway, and studied Opera at Carnegie Hall with the famous Carlo Meno`. She established a successful singing career in her teens, following in the footsteps of her cousin and mentor, 50’s superstar, Frankie Avalon. In her early 20’s, Suzanne opened her own production company, writing, producing, and directing feature films and television. Throughout her 40-plus years as a filmmaker, Suzanne has been involved with over one hundred productions and has been honored with many prestigious awards. In 2002, the Marco Island Film Festival honored Ms. DeLaurentiis with their esteemed Terry Scarled Award for Filmmaking, in 2003 the Palm Beach International Film Festival presented her with The Distinguished Founders Award for Excellence in Filmmaking, in 2007, Suzanne received the prestigious Opal Award from Women in Film, and in 2008, The Hollywood Fame Awards honored her for her lifetime achievement for music in independent films. In addition to her numerous awards and productions, Ms. DeLaurenti has also taken part in historical litigation in
cases relating to both union issues and distribution. She has fought successfully, protecting the rights of independent filmmakers.
In 2006, Suzanne DeLaurentiis Productions independently produced the award-winning, 10th & Wolf, a multi-million dollar, award-winning mafia drama. She will be an ex-producer on the Feature film RIZZO written by Stephen Rivele and starring Vince Vaughn.
Suzanne is currently in pre-production for two, true-life, epic feature films, Triangle and The Spear of Destiny, both written by Oscar-nominated Screenwriter, Stephen Rivele. Some of her other independent film titles include A Month of Sundays, Middleton Christmas, Reeds Point, They Crawl Beneath, Wedding Day, Shut Up and Kiss Me, Lost Revolution, The Dark Tourist, Black Gold, Area 407, Stone Markers, How Sweet It Is, and Buried Lies.

Jeff Lazarus is an author and creator as well as a health care professional based in Orange County, California. He is the author of CATAKSIMM, DOGTOLOGY, and LISTEN LIKE A DOG. From his own journey, Jeff has been able to help new authors create their own personal brand, navigate their way through the journey of writing a book, and how to effecively and successfully become
published. Jeff expertise includes customer engagement and all things communication, including presentation, facilitation, listening, and debate. Jeff was inducted into the Merck & Co. Hall of Fame and successfully launched marketing campaigns, scientfic platforms, and branding guidelines. Throughout his life, Jeff has always been a writer. He wrote songs while in a rock band while in high school and had two short stories published in student journals while attending Cal State University, Long Beach.
As an avid hockey fan, he's never short on words on social media hockey fan pages and blogs. In 2015, Jeff first flash of inspiration for book writing went public as he released DOGTOLOGY, a
whimsical exploration of humankind's obsession and devotion to dogs. It became an Amazon #1
A best-Seller, racking up a 4.7 average range from 124 reviews. DOGTOLOGY eventually was
picked up by Skyhorse Publishing, along with the companion book, CATAKISM, which was both released on November 7, 2017. CATAKISM was an instant #1 new release on Amazon. In 2016 Jeff & DeLauren took his passion for listening so seriously, he penned LISTEN LIKE A DOG… and Make Your Mark on the World, which has since been published in multiple languages. And now, alongside Suzanne DeLauren, Jeff is the Creator and producer of the all-new show, inspired by his best-selling books, ON ALL FOURS.

Jeff Lazarus

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